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CATO accounting Prague
Milady Horákové 105/75, 160 00 Praha 6
+420 602 233 521
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We offer the services of keeping double-entry accounts, tax records (formerly single-entry accounts) and related agendas. All the accounting services are in strict compliance with applicable standards and regulations of the Czech Republic. We offer a full accounting service.


We offer a full service in the area of wages accountings and personnel records.


Our client benefit from a full tax service including the processing of all tax returns, accounting records, monitoring of all receivables, and financial statements and reports as requested by the client.

Services in Slovakia

The same full service we provide in the Czech Republic we also provide in Slovakia. All the accounting services are in strict compliance with the applicable standards and regulations.

Internet accounting

This service includes your renting of accounting software that you will use to prepare outgoing invoices, to keep petty cash records, to view standard or produce special reports.